The benefits of using a contract IT Project Manager

  • An experienced, contracted IT Project Manager vastly increases the success rates of critical ICT Projects.
  • The cost of a properly vetted IT Project Manager is insignificant when compared to the costs of a failed ICT Project.
  • A professional IT Project Manager has already mastered the required tools and techniques.
  • An externally sourced IT Project Manager gives fresh perspectives on problems, while avoiding internal politics.
  • There’s no need to deal with sticky labour law issues.
  • Lower your risk and cost as contractors are only hired for each specific project
  • You may keep the Project Management Templates used by contractors, allowing upkeep of performance.

Why McManus will find you the perfect PM Contractor

  • All our consultants undergo a comprehensive, multi-tiered evaluation before joining us.
  • McManus has specialised in ICT Project Management since 1994.
  • Only receive candidate recommendations of consultants who meet more than 80% of your requirements.
  • IT Project Managers are personally vetted by McManus Senior Management.
  • Professional and quick replacement of a IT Project Manager if there are any issues we can’t solve.
  • Our PM Consultants have full access to our systems, methodologies, and templates, allowing them to perform 100% in no time.
  • We have almost 200 pre-approved ICT Project Management consultants.
  • Avoid hundreds of CVs from low quality applicants by getting only those of the Top 3 most relevant.

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