Consulting Services

With our network of professional, project staff, and senior consultants, McManus consulting is uniquely positioned to supply you with a short or medium term solution that will satisfy your specific business or ICT requirement.

We can assist you with consultants in the following areas:

Project Planning

Let one of our senior consultants take care of the “big picture” project planning so your people can focus on their tasks at hand, in delivering the project. Efficient and focused Project Planning provides you with the peace of mind that your project is planned professionally from initiation to close out.

Organisational Change Management

Any large change to an organisation could derail overall company moral. Our OCM professionals can create a bespoke Change Management plan for your company, ensuring a smooth transition into the new way of doing things.

Project Management Software

Each company’s project software and tools requirements are unique to their industry and the types of projects they run. Our experienced Project Managers, knowledgeable in your specific area or Industry, can assist you in selecting the right tools and overall Project Management solution that will satisfy your project and business needs.

Project Advisory Services

Give us a call and let us know what your challenge is. Any section or activity within the project life-cycle can be improved with the knowledge of an expert that can specifically focus on your requirements and unique areas of concern.