GDPR & PoPI – Policies and Compliance

McManus Consulting is in the process of ensuring compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI).

What we have done

  • Added opt out buttons to our website for cookies.
  • Added opt out buttons to our marketing contact forms.
  • Uploaded our privacy and cookie policies to our website.
  • Collated all information we have on individuals so that it can be shared, and if so requested, deleted.

What we are busy with

  • Contacting all our contacts, via email, to inform them of our efforts with regards to GDPR and PoPI compliance.
  • Contacting all our associates to encourage them to update their personal information with us.

What we will keep doing

  • Continuously monitor our systems and 3rd party applications for GDPR and PoPI compliance.
  • Regularly communicate with our contacts, giving them the option to update/delete their information.


  • Our website cookie and privacy policies
  • Our Associate Information Privacy Statement – relating to information stored on Associates
  • Our website disclaimer


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