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Understanding how your IT is performing today, and being able to compare your performance against others, is a fundamental piece of knowledge required if you want to run your IT effectively. McManus Consulting has partnered with ImprovIT, an independent specialist consulting firm, to provide IT benchmarking services in Southern Africa.

With this partnership we are able to offer clients a boutique benchmarking solution, providing independent and impartial comparative analysis and actionable recommendations. Our detailed benchmarking databases and knowledge repositories allow us to provide fact-based guidance to our clients across a range of industries, enabling them to improve their competitiveness and increase the value they deliver.

ImprovIT was founded in the UK in 2005 by former Gartner, HP & IBM executives, and has resources available internationally to support multi-national engagements. A combination of deep market knowledge, rich data and extensive industry experience gives us a unique value proposition. ImprovIT operates in a number of industry sectors including Finance, Transport, Utilities, Healthcare, Public Sector, Manufacturing, Retail and also perform work for a number of major service providers.

ImprovIT has delivered over 1,300 benchmark assessments to clients across the globe and our benchmark databases hold technology costs, outsourced prices, service level information and process maturity data. In our experience, businesses demand continuous improvement to gain a competitive edge. This is increasingly achieved through best-in-class technology strategy, alignment and delivery.

It is no surprise that more business and technology leaders today seek to dispassionately baseline the present state of their technology investments and contrast that baseline to comparative peers, with a view to identifying the best approaches to optimisation and transformation. We have a range of benchmarking services designed to meet this specific need, and we continue to evolve our models and services to ensure we remain thought leaders in our field.

A key component of benchmarking is to understand how efficiently IT uses its technology budget. IT costs are closely linked to the level of complexity within an IT organisation. The more complex the IT environment, the costlier it is to run. We have a detailed methodology that allows us to calibrate an organisation’s level of complexity and conduct a benchmark comparison against other organisations with similar levels of complexity. Then, through a sophisticated process of gap analysis and causal assessment, we can determine how you compare, where you are strong, and what your options are for improving your performance and increasing the value you deliver.

Our benchmark data resources, comparative analytics tools and methodologies provide both a baseline and a vantage point to define improvement. We offer cost/price analysis, performance optimisation, rate card reviews, sourcing advice, programme assurance and IT strategy services across all technology areas. Our boutique suite of benchmarking services suite is designed to help you develop a detailed understanding of both your current performance and future potential. If your IT is in-house delivered, are your spend and staffing levels in-line with the services that you deliver? If your IT is outsourced, are you paying a fair market price for the services you receive? If your IT is a mix of in-house and outsourced, is the mix correct? We can help you calibrate precisely your current IT environment and identify latent potential.

The bottom line is that, whatever your situation, it pays to check on how your IT function is performing. Is it delivering a good service for a fair cost (or price)?

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