Finding the right people for the job

With over two-hundred pre-approved professionals on our database, we are sure to have the person you’re looking for to help on your project. Our professionals have all been carefully selected based on their demonstrable experience and recommendations from trusted sources.

We have a variety of people solutions to suit any project requirement. Whether it’s contractors or permanent placements, we are always willing to go the extra mile to meet your unique business or ICT project requirements.

Each professional undergoes a multi-tiered selection process including:

1st Interview

This initial interview is an informal “meet & greet” and serves as a culture fit assessment.

Background Vetting

Each associate is asked to give us permission to check their credit history as well as verify their educational credentials.

Thomas International PPA Assessment

The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) is a psychometric assessment which provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work. It reports on likely strengths & limitations, drivers & motivators, as well as communication styles. Assisting in selecting candidates with the right culture fit for each opportunity.

Skills Assessment

We use this assessment to identify each candidate’s strengths. It is also a useful tool for planning future educational and personal development goals.

2nd Interview

This final part of our vetting process is conducted by a certified PMP® practitioner.

Full-Time Project Staff Placement

The benefits of using McManus Consulting to find your permanent project resources are:

  • The opportunity to discuss specific requirements with our Placements Manager, ensuring the right person for the job is found.
  • Pre-qualified and vetted professionals managed and administered through your own company.
  • Access to their PPA and PM Assessment results.
  • Request further resources through our Placements Manager who has the specific knowledge of your individual business requirements.

Contractor Placements

  • We will assign a suitably qualified professional to assist you, based on your businesses unique and specific requirements.
  • In the absences of your own methodology or tool-set, our resources will come fully equipped with our toolkit to ensure they hit the ground running.
  • We will strive to send you our carefully selected, pre-approved resources details within 24 hours of receiving and understanding your requirements.
  • Our resources receive the backup of senior professionals and management whenever they need it.
  • Our contract workers also have access to administrative support ensuring all project documentation is managed correctly and according to defined standards.
  • We will engage with you actively, to assess your Project Management challenges, throughout our relationship.

Clients who trust McManus

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