LinkedIn Top Tip 4 of 5

A well thought out and successful LinkedIn page can help to advertise your skills and knowledge, as well as give any perspective employer an insight into who you are and what you are like. Obviously, depending on the content and completeness of your profile, they can draw conclusions about you and how you may behave in a professional environment.

Proofread your profile

As a professional you know the value of quality, so you wouldn’t want your LinkedIn profile to have any sort of grammatical or spelling errors either. These seemingly small mistakes can stand out to a prospective employer as a sign that you do not keep an eye on the details.
It is also important to word your profile summary and important information effectively so that it is communicated to the reader without confusing them.

When adding content, ask yourself the following questions:

  • is this true?
  • is this accurate?
  • is this relevant?
  • is this complete?

Try putting yourself in the eyes of the reader and see if you understand what your profile is about.

It may also be helpful to have someone read through your profile for a second opinion or to point out any errors that you may have missed out. Most writers will tell you that once you have spent any significant time on a project it becomes almost impossible to see the wood for the trees, that is when a fresh set of eyes can be a powerful ally.

Your linkedIn page is an extension of your resume and as such you should put AS MUCH care and consideration into it’s content as you would your CV.