What is McMethod Project Navigator?

To run a successful project, it is of critical importance to be able to communicate effectively and store project documentation safely. With the McMethod Project Navigator you can do just that. It is a Project Toolkit that allows you to build your own methodology and clearly define your processes so you can seamlessly deploy them within your project or across your enterprise. It provides a single repository for all project-related documentation ensuring the effective auditing of projects, even years after completion. The tool provides a roadmap to your projects and predefined templates, so your new sta or contractors can quickly and easily get up to speed with your standards.

Standardise Project Processes & Methodologies

The tool is easily customisable to incorporate your existing corporate methodologies, processes and guidelines. With detailed help files and clear process flows, you will know exactly what steps to follow. Multiple methodologies can be created from complex to slimmed down versions every type of project can be catered for in McMethod Project Navigator. With review gates preventing Project Managers from “skipping” vital steps in the methodology, you will never find yourself wondering why something is missing or where it is.

Document Management

McMethod Project Navigator is more than a methodology tool, it is also a document storage tool that allows you to save and archive all project critical data in a safe and easily accessible place, for as long as you need. You can store all completed deliverables in McMethod Project Navigator as well as your important scope change requests, risks, and vital emails. Storage of previous project data allows you to leverage off project experience, helping your company streamline processes and improve your methodology along the way.

Easily define YOUR own project methodologies


Project audits using McMethod Project Navigator are conducted speedily as Project Documentation is centrally available which results in lower audit costs and improved audit results. Documents are protected by a comprehensive security protocol ensuring that sensitive information is secure and available to approved users only. A comprehensive library of documentation templates and standards provide a consistent approach to all projects undertaken. Any methodology can be inserted and customised. With McMethod Project Navigator you are able to send deliverables directly from the tool to project stakeholders for their review and approval, it also allows you to record their feedback so that it is available to the relevant project participants.


Templates allow you to standardise your project documentation making information easily understandable and consistent. Whether your company has an existing methodology or is looking for an innovative one that suits them, McMethod Project Navigator can help. With built-in PMBOK® templates and the option of creating and saving your own templates, your company’s chosen methodology will be easily accessible. McMethod Project Navigator will provide you with the templates you need – when you need them. You also have the option of storing multiple template sets allowing you to quickly change and customise your approach as you go.

Use the built-in PMBOK® aligned Methodology to get going quickly