You have an urgent “Thing” that needs to get done, but there’s no way that you’ll have time to make sure it gets done properly?


That “Thing” needs an experienced, responsible “Someone” to make sure it works out OK?


And you don’t want that “Someone” to overstay their welcome until things get weird

Let one of our experienced Project Managers manage that “Thing” for you! For a day. Or a week. Or a day a week. Or whatever.
No long, boring contracts. No complications. Just someone who can make sure that “Thing” gets done.
We’ve checked out their backgrounds and skills thoroughly, so you don’t have to worry.

Some of the “Things”
we can help with:

  • Run a planning workshop
  • Build a project schedule
  • Manage part of a project (or all of it!)
  • Chase up on outstanding work
  • Help you with a report or presentation
  • Stand in for an absent Project Manager
  • Project Health Reviews
  • Manage a tender response
  • Manage an office (or home) move
  • Independent advice on problematic projects
  • Check in on that home alteration project

The fine print:
We promise not to tell anyone about your important things if you promise to do the same for us.
If you promise not to steal our Project Manager, we promise not to charge you a placement fee.
If we do something wrong, we’ll do our best to fix it, (up to a reasonable limit) but we can’t be responsible for any consequential damages.