Some of the many benefits of using Sciforma

Sciforma supports different methods to use at your convenience, and while staying on track with your overall projects. All data are then consolidated.
These methods include: Agile, Critical Chain, Phase-Gate.

Team Support

Project Communication: Sciforma offers informative reports and metrics to support and facilitate the transparency of team communication.

Standards and Templates: Project managers and team members are able to start working quickly and efficiently using the existing collateral contained in the software (templates, reports, KPI etc).

User Roles: Sciforma’s role based approach allows you to set permissions and edit access for each user. Users only get access to the functions they have been granted.

PPM Maturity

Central Monitoring: The coordination and the quality of projects, processes, workflows, metrics and methods is carried out by a central authority, allowing more transparency.

Project Management Maturity: Sciforma provides a simple framework that grows with you and your organization as you develop project management maturity.

Lessons Learned: Experience from previous projects goes directly to upcoming projects and enables the continuous improvement of project completion.

Technical Benefits

Nothing needs to be installed: Sciforma doesn’t need anything installed to work.

OS Versions: Sciforma is compatible with all the current and older versions of OSs.

Devices: Sciforma is compatible with all the devices (smartphones, tablets etc).

User-Friendly Interface

Available from any device: Features like time tracking and reporting can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet, etc.

Dedicated workspaces and home page: You can personalize Sciforma to make it your own!

Easy to use: Get familiar with the tool in a heartbeat

Added Benefits


Sciforma allows you to define your own processes and data-views and extend your data model, without having to do any configuration.

Each client can benefit from a configuration entirely adapted to his or her needs.

To facilitate the creation and maintenance of that configuration, Sciforma offers a very powerful toolbox of extensions. These are out-of-the-box configurations ready to be used.


User defined workflows can be added to any workspace, A workflow can control various operations that need to be executed to ensure that the clients business rules are applied.


Sciforma software provides a complete set of tools for scheduling projects and managing portfolios along with the unlimited data reporting and output capabilities that are offered. Whether data is saved in Sciforma or elsewhere, stakeholders are a click away from consolidated dashboards providing a detailed or summarized status of projects, portfolios and resources