What is Sciforma

Sciforma is a flexible and easy to use multi-platform project management and project portfolio management software solution that manages projects to their greatest advantage.

Businesses that have multiple projects from multiple clients, including internal customers, need to be able to prioritise efforts that will bring the best results to the company.

This customisable PPM solution provides Project Managers and executives the ability to analyze investments, plan capacity, manage risks, and control expenses better.

Sciforma tackles a Project’s Strategic, Functional and Execution functions effortlessly and in a very user friendly manner.

Strategic Management Features

Achieve a balanced scorecard by meeting your organization’s mission, vision, and objectives while managing portfolios, programs, and projects from idea to project management.

Functional Management Features

With Sciforma’s powerful features, project managers can administer all aspects of project, resource, risk, and change management..

Execution Management Features

Complete process tracking for projects and on-going operations based on your unique needs. Each project can be assigned a predefined tracking process providing greater flexibility in progress updating.