Strategic Management | Portfolio Management

Idea Identification

New ideas are projects that you intend to execute but that still need evaluation. Each new idea can be described by a set of user-defined properties such as objectives and alignment with organisational goals, risks, and benefits.

Business Case

A business case can be built based on estimated duration, resource requirements and criteria specific to your organization. Impartial scoring of new ideas can be defined by business priority, project strategy, risk, and ranking criteria.

Investment Analysis

Evaluate current and potential allocations of financial assets. Then choose allocations that best fit your company’s needs and goals.

Capacity Planning

Real time pipeline management allows you to compare new ideas and active projects, view time distributed resource availability, and monitor budget allowances.


As ideas flow within the organization, they must be evaluated through a set of metrics that will help the key executive decision makers review, compare and rank those ideas. Selected ideas would then be assessed along with ongoing projects to determine the capacity of the organization to launch them.

Portfolio Control

Compare portfolio objectives to actual results with easy to read charts and dashboards.