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“Tony is an accomplished and talented project management- and IT professional, and he is comfortable interfacing with all levels of management. His ability to inspire people is for the most part the key to his success, which also contributes towards his ability to get a lot done with very limited resources, and he has the ability to question people’s basic assumptions about things without being confrontational. Tony is a problem solver and he seeks the truth as far as is possible. He is results-oriented and adopts a direct approach with both his colleagues and customers alike.”
Andre Potgieter – Pre-Sales Support Specialist – Business Connexion

“Ours was a R 50 million project with a lot at stake. We would not have succeeded without McManus Consulting. Working together made a big difference, McManus added value at many different stages.”
Christo de Kock, Chief Engineer – PDM Link Project – Denel Dynamics

“I wanted a watertight methodology. That’s why we chose to go with McManus Consulting and their Methodology Management System.”
Bashirool Abed – Project Office Manager – Nedbank

“Tony has work done work for HP Consulting for many year’s. His company is the Elite of, Project Management, Project Cost Management. He is the David Copperfiled of Scope Creep. I can recommend Tony to any company no matter of the size or budget.”
Andre Hartley – HP Consulting

“If it wasn’t for McManus we would have lost credibility. They went the extra mile to understand our needs, and their passion for project management, especially methodology, turned ideas into realities.”
Alexandra Ayres – Project Manager – Nedbank

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